Monday, July 31, 2006

Bodypump Lounge!

Views: 10,844 in the Bodypump Lounge - please register and participate :)

Hope to Break the 50 post mark!

Looking at breaking the 50 post mark on the new site now, I am on track with 1/2 of that now!

Update on Glen's site for Bodypump!

I pretty much have re-designed the site from scratch making it more today in the look and feel of the site and contains several new features.

Bring on Late August 2006 when the site is out!

Type - N Trance!

N- Trance I'm In Heaven is an awesome piece of music and would be an awesome track 7 in any Bodybalance reminds me of track 7 in Bodypump 59 the same type of music.

Love boths tracks :)

When Worlds Collide by David B!

Would rock in any Bodypump class as a shoulders track an awesome piece of music!

Seismic FM!

Have an awesome piece of music called "Pattern Light" an awesome trance piece of music check them out please!

Everytime We Touch Unlt'd Meets Dj Unlt'd!

Everytime we touch is also covered by Dj Unlt'd an awesome remix of her track as well!

DJ Elate meets Cascada meets Bodypump!

Everytime we touch (Extended) is a remix of the track by Cascada check it out please :)

Shine Like The Sun(2006 mix)

DJ Slow presents an awesome piece of music called - Shine Like The Sun(2006 mix) an awesome track and would be an instant hit in Bodypump or RPM with the participants!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Kevin Richardson has......

Quit Backstreet Boys, the boys will continue to tour without him. They said that he is welcome back anytime.

Meanwhile the boys are thinking about doing a new CD. Nick goes onto say that the guys maybe record a solo track for the new CD.

So they have not broken up as previously stated here.


Friday, July 28, 2006

I also figured out how to change the....

Link Heading from one colour to another.

Now that does not sound exciting but I have been operating this site since 2004 and almost 2 1/2 years later I can do it.

The things that amuse me sometimes.

I am also sorry I have not been posting here much latley, I am busy instructing and teaching. I have a few days up my hands and I will put together the Bodypump 58 Unplugged.

Bodypump 58 is an awesome release, one of the best ever.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Finally figured out how to do a sticky!

Been trying to do a sticky on a blogger for a long time.

Today I finally learned how to do them.

A special apearance is coming our way!

September 2006 that is and I can't wait to do her class!

Any ideas?

Love this mix, would love to see some of them in Bodypump!

Just love playing around with music and hearing songs I would like to see in Bodypump, these are some standard trance tracks I like and a few other!

01. Born to Try (Dela Goodren) Graham Stack Remix)
02. Half a Heart (H & Claire) MRG MIX
03. Here Comes the Rain Again (Triple 8) or DJAPANA (Yothu Yindi)
04. Wonder where you are? (Da Buzz) or Separate Ways (Journey)
05. Heaven is a Place on Earth (Soda Club)
06. Truth or Dare (N.E.R.D featuring Kelis @ Pusha T)
07. Dowunder (DJ Mind X)
08. Precious Heart (Tall Paul Vrs INXS)
09. Rock Your Body (Justine Timberlake) or Adrenaline (Gavin Rossdale) or Nelly (Take off All Your Clothes)
10. Unwanted (Matchbox 20)

If anyone who is choreographing Bodypump some of those songs are awesome and would be awesome in Bodypump!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bodypump 58 Unplugged!

I am in the middle of creating it and it should be out soon.

This one slack blogg admin type says sorry about that.

It will be here!

I also have a control panel dashboard in mind for Bodypump 59 on Glen's site. In the middle of creating it.

So when this slack admin type gets around to finally upload it to my server.


I so so want to have a fast Bodypump!

If anyone has Bodypump 27 that is a fast Bodypump no breaks and just go. If anyone is out there reading this who is choreographing the releases I would love to see that again!

Track2 on Stephanies CD is a classic fast 2 squat track suggestion or shoulders or lunge track.

Baker Street - BP 38 was an awesome track 2 something like that track :)

Bring it on!

kia ora to all!

Stephanie McIntosh Releases her First Single Part B!

You may remember that I put an entry for Mistake! Track 2 (Jewels and Stone Mix) is an awesome track and would rock as a track 2 or 6 in Bodypump!

She can be seen in Neighbours as Skye Mangle.

Cannot wait for the whole CD due September 2006!


IMO! Well it is :)

Sunday, July 23, 2006



Coming this week in the continuing series from:

Please check Tami and Craigs site!

Tami and Graig have posted on their blog a review of their launch of Bodypump 58 and it looks like an awesome time was had by all.

They are awesome at presenting their releases with pictures and everything.

I am looking forward to seeing their report card on the release. Meanwhile we have had the release for at least 2 months now and I am so sad that the time will come when the end of Michaels era comes to pass.

However, I am so looking forward to launching my site for FitPump by Michael J McSweeney!

The journey continues with Fitpump by Michael J McSweeney!

Cherish Bodypump 58 and enjoy the future with Bodypump 59 by Glen Ostergaard.

Please check Reymonds site Bodypump 60!

He has some interesting news on Bodypump 60!

I am so looking forward to it!

About 20 articles on the new site!

The aim is to get up to about 40 articles for June - August 2006. I want to give people something to read over there.

The site is coming along nicely and I am so happy with the way it is going.

There will be a sub-blog attached to the site and that should complement the new site!

Cannot wait till the site is launched.

It has been close to 24 hrs later Josh Grobin!

Thanks to Mike I am now playing all my Gosh Grobin gear!

I am still playing "When you Say You Love Me"

Non stop playing and I am not sick of the song! I am singing the track over and over again and just about getting it vocally right like Josh does.

I really am a flustrated singer. :)

I am so into doing a CD!

Pending Users to the Bodypump Lounge!

I am one slack admin type person.

The people that registerted I have activated your accounts. So if you have registered you now can post away.

Features of the Forum:

  • Free Polls!
  • Free Membership!
  • I am willing to link to any of your sites there!
  • Free accesss to all the features of the site!

See you there and once again sorry.


Saturday, July 22, 2006

Occasionally I write a technical article!

If you have been visiting here since 2004 then I occasionally produce a technical article the last one was on the Perfect Lunge and the one before was the Perfect Biceps Curl. I guess it will still take me 18 months to write them all up.

Next the Perfect Triceps Press.

Josh Grobin - When you say you love me!

I have been playing that from his huge CD "Josh Gorbin" awesome track a real good sing along track. I have been singing that track all day.

That track would be an awesome track 10 maybe Michael can use it in FitPump?

Lets hope so!

The other hit from the CD is "You Raise Me Up" from Bodypump 58 by Michael J Mc Sweeney.

His best work and an a awesome way to go out!

1001 Entries!

The last post was my 1001 post in the Bodypump Blogger.


Clean and Press in Bodypump!

The entry phase of the clean and press is the Up Right Row, the most common issue is that people often pyle on to much weight for the track when they start out in Bodypump, the other thing is that people fail to perform the exercise using a controlled method.

Breaking the clean and Press down!

"The function position of the wrist - where it has the ability to accept loadand exert the most grip - strength - is slight in extension and ulnar deviation. In Bodypump we aim to maintain this alignment to avoid injury (Les Mills International)"

"Exercising the wrist in the functional position minimises the effects of compression and eliminates stress on ligaments and cartilage. (Les Mills International)"

© Les Mills International circa 2001
The Clean and Press - Analysis

1. The width of the hands is important in Bodypump C & P, the wider the better.
2. Knees should be slightly bent, this will take the stress of the knees.
3. This is a close chain exercise. The bar should be kept as close as possible to the body as possible.
4. Fingers should be wrapped around the bar to avoid the bar slipping.
5. "Avoid a looping arc of the bar away from the body as this will tend to cause the wrists to hyperextend when the bar is positioned for the press phase (© Les Mills International)"
6. "The elbows should be bought quickly under the bar into positionon wherthatet are directly under the wrist (© Les Mills International)" This allows the proper execution of the snatch part of the C & P.
7. The bar should remain of the middle part of the hand at all times not coming forward or back.
8. The bar is lowered in a controlled manner "Shoulder height" according to (© Les Mills International). It is at this stage the knees are then bent so that the force of the return of the C & P can have less impact on the knees.
9. The downward part of the Upright Row is then commenced and the bar is then returned to set position.
10. Prenancy options apply to the clean and press and row work (ask your Bodypump Instructor.) for additional informaiton.

Additional Information:

As this a close chain exercise the bar is kept as close to the body as possible, we need to do this to stop trunk hyperextension while in the top range of movement in the C *& P phase of the clean and press.

Abdominal activationoccurringring while in the whole of the exercise.

Soft knees at all times.

Experiment with grip always return to set position before commencing other activities in Bodypump!


If you have any forms of physical problems please consult a doctor and advise your doctor before doing any of exercise. If you have any forms of physical disability then do not do these exercise without guidance They will be able to advise you of alternate methods of exercises to complete. If you are pregnant then ask your Bodypump Instructor for additional help!

Why do we stretch after the shoulder track in Bodypump?

Stretches need to be held for at least 15 seconds each side that you stretch.

Ballistic Stretching is discouraged in Bodypump IMO! and Static Stretching is the perfered stretch in Bodypump. IMO!

If pain persists then stop the stretch.

In Bodypump we move from track 7 to track 8 we stretch the quads the hamstrings and lover back. This is mandatory and important to do so.

We then commence the shoulder track - by the time the track ends we pretty much have fatigued the shoudlers and pre-exhaust the muscle groups involved. We need to re-align the fibers and stretch out prior to the commencement of the ab track.

Rotator Cuff - deltoid - pectorals major and minor are sometimes worked when we do pushups, the majority of the exercise is shoulders and arms.

Rotator Cuff injuries and shoulder impingement is a major issue in doing exercising the shoulders and arms. We need to stretch the muscles and exercise effectively while doing Bodypump.

In saying this why stretch after this track before going into abs we need to stretch the Posterior Deltoid - Upper Traps - Teres Major - Latissimus Dorsi - Lower Rhomboids - Infraspinatus.

You need to stretch out the body also by doing trunk rotation before coming into the abs track. A few chosen stretches prior to the commencement of the abs track in Bodypump will make the workout safe and effective.

Please do your stretches prior to the next track in Bodypump :)


Justin Timberlake - Sexyback!

Sexyback is released on Monday. I am not into this track at all. The language used in the track really does not impress me one bit. One can write a song and not use that language in it and still have a good recording contract.

He says that the song is David Bowie meets David Byrne well they did not use that type of language in a song ever.

It may impress some people to use that kind of language in a track well it did not impress me one bit!

The track is long boring and not really worth the the wait for the track to come out.

Why do singers today think that we want to hear that kind of lyric in a song, I am so not into the music of today where they think that using that kind of language is cool.

A big miss from me I am afraid!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Have not been really posting latley!

I am so buzy teaching and stuff I will get around to putting the C & P - Pregnancy articles on the site this weekend.

Sorry but thats is the best I can do :)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The sites home page ranking!

Official Search Engine ranks for the home page for this site!

Altavista 1st, MSN 1st 99.2% best site for information about Les Mills Programs etc......

Thats another cool statistic :)

Cool Stats and I am shocked! Altavista 2nd, Yahoo 1st, Netscape 6th 98.6% ranked best site for information about Bodypump! Netscape 28th 91.6% Yahoo 13th 89.6% ranked best site for information about Bodypump!

That is such a cool thing to find and wow I am shocked about that.

The bots sure know a good site when they see one :)

Steven Renata was in a movie!

And here it is:

"Health Squad"


The things one finds :)

As of Release 59!

The whole release will be on Glen's site including a total webpage for that whole release. It will appear off the site!

The new focus on the release will be there.

I am excited about that!

And it is all free for you to look at.

How cool is that :)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Why do I have the other companies in the forum and the single topic forum below?

I guess I wanted a place so that anyone can post wheather it is Les Mills or RF or BTS or Fit Club. I hope that people who are die hard Les Mills won't be put off posting there.

So why the other forums attached to the site (the one below.) it is for people who want to talk about only Bodypump and thats about it. The site is intergrated into this one so that they can cut to the chase post about Bodypump and exit.

If you want to post in either of them please do so.

Please register and come in!

Les Mills™ * Radical Fitness™ & Body Training Systems™ Fit Club International™ Forums!

The site forum is now running and it has been there since 10th June 2005 - 10:36 PM. We are the very first Invision Based Software forum.

We offer:
  • Free membership!
  • Free access to Our Frappr Zones! (You have to be a member to see them.)
  • Access to Les Mills - BTS - Radical Fitness - Fit Club information and news!
  • Tracklists and updates from our tracklist sections.
  • Access to the Bloggers and also some additional bloggers coming up soon.
Please join in and have great time posting there :) and look forward to seeing you there!


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pregnancy in Bodypump - Instruction Part 2!

Added the button today.

I am also writing a article on Bodypump Instruction and using some old material on Bodypump from my archives.

That should be here by the weekend!

Currently putting together uplugged for Bodypump 58!

This has been a hard one to do, so many emotions run through-out my mind. Michael and his last one and the last un-plugged for his Bodypump 58. What makes it strange is that mid last year I was thinking about Michael and what he has contributed to the program and thought one day he is going to leave. I woke up last night and it just hit me Michael has left the house.

I have to say 100% to Michael for turning up and being there for the last of his releases. I would dearly loved to see him present the last one, so I feel unfinished in that respect. There is no closure and that is how I see it. Without closure then the whole thing is kinda left up there and no scense of resolve is occuring. But one good thing came out of it :) Michael did manage to get onto the DVD and I was happy about that seeing the big guy for the last time.

Today In was speaking to some work collegues about Michael and they had no idea that he was not doing Bodypump anymore and had no idea till they read revolution that he has left the program.

I am putting together a new format for the unplugged and placing that on the Bodypump 58 Option on the sidebar. The review will be there early next week.

I am waiting to see what Glen O has in store for the program and seeing what he comes up with and that should be soon.

So Michael thanks for the education - the learning - the music - the wonderful choreography and the whole package you gave me.

Words cannot express my appreciation to you for all that Bodypump has given me.

kia ora to all :)

Monday, July 17, 2006

BODYPUMP 59 CHAT - Glen's Site!

On the new site there is something different a chat - poll - discussion combined area for Bodypump 59!

The site is coming along well, expect somethings inovative there as well :)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

INXS - Devils Playground out Now!

The third single from Switch by INXS is out now it is the followup to Pretty Vegas and Afterglow.

Meanwhile something special is about to happen check the Bodybalance 34 Command Button on the Bodybalance Site!

I am so looking forward to that huge track on Bodybalance 34 :)

I am proud to support INXS and JD Fortune and their music here and elsewhere!

Forum attached..........

Guys there is a forum attached to the site.

Come in say things, chill, chat, talk etc.........

The forum is located on the bottom of the blogger :) I think you all know that. So who is going to join in?

Saturday, July 15, 2006

They have barbecue at some 1/4's!

Some 1/4's overseas have a BBQ after the 1/4's. I wish we had them!

Alberto Lion's Top 10 Bodypumps

I read somwehere that this is Alberto Lions top 10 Bodypumps.

1. Perfect Day - Indigo - BP 31
2. Dream A Dream - Captain Jack - BP 38
3. Sing Hallelujah - Dr. Alban - BP19
4. I`m Flying - E-Type - BP 39
5. Gets Better - Suzzane Palmer - BP 25
6. Stomp - Kirk Franklin & GP - BP 26
7. Can You Feel It - The Jacksons - BP 28
8. Excalibur - F.C.B. - BP 30
9. It Feels So Good - Sonique - BP 36
10. Canto Della Terra - Andrea Bocelli - BP 46

The scary thing about it, I remember the choreography for all those tracks, the track I am so pumped about in that release is track 8 and the massive thunder crash at the end of that track. And Perfect Day is a very sweet track number 1. I love I'M Flying from E-Type. I think the choreography for track 3 is better in release 19 than the later one in Bodypump 48. I love Bodypump 48 and we had Robert Palmer for that release as well. Addicted to Love was the track.

Alberto you have an awesome top 10 :)

Paffendorf - from Bodypump New Single out New CD out soon!

They have a new single "Vogue" it is from their forthcoming CD Dance Planet.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Video of Paffendorf - CRAZY, SEXY, MARVELLOUS the video is a on their myspace and it is hot my screen almost melted I kid you not dude!


They also have a new myspace at:


They are from

8 BP 38 Where Are You Paffendorf
8 BP 41 Everybody Scream Paffendorf
8 BP 45 Be Cool Paffendorf

Friday, July 14, 2006

Dallas Superstars!

They have a new CD called "Higher State" a very nice piece of music!

Dallas Superstars!

The Conways!

An awesome site!

They have a current hit - Walk in the park!

You can watch it at their site!

The Conways!

coincidence hmmmmm........?

Track 1 Bodypump 59 is the same artist I put in my 80's - 90's mix!

  • MY 80'S MIX!

  • Monday, July 10, 2006

    Now have 17 articles on Glen's site.

    Into the second month of articles on his site.

    Feels kinda strange that I know whats there and it won't be visable till late August 2006.

    Bodypump 59 sizzler now on the Bodypump 58 Option!

    The sizzler for Bodypump 59 is now on the Bodypump 58 Button.

    If you want to know click away, of you don't then don't click away!

    The power is in your hands!

    Saturday, July 08, 2006

    Article on Main Les Mills Blog!

    Kylie Gates wrote an article on "Launching Les Mills Northeast" on the site. Kylie rocks she is the former Training Manager (Les Mills Asia Pacific - Les Mills Australia.)

    Kylie North East USA Workshop!

    Had the pleasure of her presenting Bodystep - Bodyattack - Bodybalance where I am from on a number of occasions.

    Now back to Bodypump!

    On the referal site there are some photos. In some of them are Alani Mala from Bodypunp 58! If you geta chance anytime check out Alani's classes. :)

    Bodypump Pictures!

    Looks like an awesome time had by all :)

    Must have had a bad hair week a small suggestion re Plates in Bodypump!

    Just read the two articles on free weights (dumbells) in Bodypump. Sometimes I just cut to the chase and say what I want to. The whole idea of the articles was to well say what I wanted to say about the issue of dumbells in Bodypump.

    If you are an instructor - trainer please look at the device that Michael uses to told the plates in some of the DVD's. They could be used to hold the plate in the had while maintaining the integrity of the program.

    If your gym can get ahold of the device then please ask them to get the device in so that you can hold the plates in Bodypump.

    Have a happy and safe pump class :)

    kia ora to all :)

    42 People Joined the BlogForum!

    Hi guys if you have joined the blogforum please introduce yourself!

    Juse one post and thats all it takes!

    Thanks :)

    Anthony Callea for Bodypump!

    I love the music of Anthony Callea who's second CD contains 17 new tracks :)

    He had a song on his last CD called "Into Your Heart" that track would rock as a track 1. We have had not to many Male Lead In's to a Bodypump "Safri Duo and Ronan Keating" come to mind and that's about it. Would love to see Anthony's track 1 in any Bodypump :)


    Thursday, July 06, 2006

    C & P Article.

    Nearly finished them. I want to make the site more educational so the article is going to academically referenced :)

    Regarding the two posts below!

    I am really passionate about Bodypump & Gym and Fitness Instruction. I put the two posts below in response to clarifying my point of view. I understand that some people are telling people to use dumbbells in their classes. If someone injures themselves in a class while using dumbbells and the notes say use plates then there is the issue of insurance and liability.

    The use of plates + bench + bar is Bodypump to include something that is not in the training material and not on the notes or on the DVD is wrong and should not be used. No where in the notes does it say dumbbells I have read the notes over and over again and no where does Michael refer to using them and If he did not put them in as an option then they should not be used. If Michael wanted dumbbells as an option he would have got one of the presenters to use them etc... or placed in the notes Option Dumbbells.

    So if it is not there don't use them :)

    Rant over!


    Plates Bodypump!

    According to Les Mills International via a document. The document was publicly available and is no longer available.

    Weight Selection for tracks 3 - 5 and 8.

    Some people are born with big hands, I am fortunate in that regard some have small hands you need to select the weight according to your ability to hold the weight. If you choose a weight that is in appropriate then your form and execution of the movement is incorrect and should not use that weight for Bodypump. If you are capable of holding the weight in a controlled and safe manner and can use a 2 1/2 or 5 kgs for shoulders then you can safely select that weight.

    In saying that Les Mills states in the article I have:

    "With all free weight exercises the size of the weights should be selected according to the available span of the hands (Les Mills international)" In saying that If you have large hands and can safely hold up to 5 kgs each side with your thumb positioned in the center part of the weights then you have selected the right weight selection. If you need some help ask your Bodypump Instructor before class to help you select the right weight for tracks that need a plate.

    In addition, you need to be able to place the thumb safely inside the hole and allow the rest of the hand to grip around the rest of the plate. If you can't then you have selected the wrong weight selections for Bodypump and need to use the correct one.

    In addition, incorrect weight selection could lead to Tunnel Carpal Syndrome and improper execution of the exercise. Wrist positioning in any weight training class is important. Les Mills goes onto state that "Plates that are too large will require the wrists to flex in an attempt to hold the weight (Les Mills International.)" If you hold the weights incorrectly there could be issues with the technical execution of any of the exercises presented and should be avoided at all costs.

    Then there is the finish and completion of the exercise. Les Mills goes onto say that "Once the plate is secure there wrists should be in slight extension throughout the exercise (Les Mills International.)" If you hold the plates incorrect then you may have other issues like incorrect execution ROM in the start and end phase of the exercise. It is important to locate the right plate and the right size for you to do any exercise.

    If you use the wrong weights then there could be issues with your wrists.



    Wrist Mechanics Bodypump Report (By Les Mills International.)

    Used for Educational Purposes.

    Wth permission from Les Mills International.
    Under the Copyright Act of 1968 and Amended acts.

    Using hand weights in the shoulder track I say a big NO!

    Bodypump is a plates and bar class the main attraction of Bodypump is the usage of plates in certain parts of the class, shoulders, sometimes in track 3 and 5 for example.

    If you use dumbells the muscle activation points for the exercise neglate and change in muscle recruitment. Using dumbells works a small portion of the shoulders so it should be avoided. Using the plates activates more muscle recruitment and should be always the prefered method of doing shoulder work - and additional work involving plates in Bodypump.

    Uisng dumbells should be only done in Personal Training or Gym Instruction under their guidance.


    I am a Registered Gym Instructor - Register Resistance Trainer - Registered Fitness Instructor!

    Tuesday, July 04, 2006

    About December 2006 Tracklists via Microsoft Access & SQL!

    I am going to place a new format for accessing the tracklists for each of the programs. They will be available in a Microsoft Access - SQL Database format.

    You essentially select the criteria from the screens and the results will be sent to you via e-mail or you can send them directly to a Access Report and Print them Out that way.

    It may be earlier than December 2006!


    Had an idea about the Bodypump Polls!

    Think this will work place all the tracks from Bodypump 50 - 55 on one voting form and you can click away on as many responses as you like. That would make voting alot easier. Will place the form here towards the end of the week. Have to create it and place a link back here to the form :)

    Hope that idea works :)

    Emicon Rethink!

    Put some emicons on the site.

    Not a good look, really weird idea.

    Oh well back to the drawing board.

    Monday, July 03, 2006

    Introducing Cartel!

    Awersome music!

  • Click here to enter Cartel's Website!

  • Check their music out!

    Katharine McPhee - My Destiny!

    Is out now.

    ©2006 RCA/Sony

    ©2006 RCA/Sony


    1.My Destiny

    Awesome track!

    Coming Up an article on Clean and Press in Bodypump!

    Will write an article on C & P for this site. It is in reply to the article on Tami and Craigs site.

  • Good Form Tami and Craigs Site!

  • The article will be out mid week.

    100 % Country Bodypump Mix :) coming this week!

    Just about to post it this week.

    Had fun tracking down the music!

    The track selection is complete!

    Yes you can seriously do a 100 % Country Bodypump!

    I hope they do a 100 % Country Bodypump one day!


    Adding Polls for Bodypump 50 - 55!

    Just had an idea I am going to add Polls for Bodypump's 50 - 55 to the site and adding them to one section of the site.

    The aim is to get the top 100 votes for every Bodypump since release 50 - 59 and having kind of the top 100 Bodypumps of all Time 50's series.

    They will remain open to the end of December when the top 100 alltime favorites will be launched.

    The power is in your hands vote away this is the very first time ever that this has ever been done :)

    Sunday, July 02, 2006

    Greg Neufeld Canadian Idol 2006!

    I predict that Greg Neufeld will win Canadian Idol :)

    The way he sang "You And I Both" was outstanding - awesome and def the best so far this year :)

    Rex Goudie and Melissa O'Neal!

    Just read on the Canadian Site that Rex Goudie and Melissa O'Neal are officially dating. I previwed their CD's here.

    Melissa O'Neal Entry Here!

    Rex Goudie's Entry Here!

    Stephanie McIntosh Releases her First Single!

    Stephanie releaes her first CD called Mistake.

    © 2006 Universal Music Australia

    Stephanie is from Neighours she is the sister of Jason Donovan. Stephanie plays "Skye Mangle" on the show.

    Release date is 29th June 2006. It is from her forthcoming CD "Tightrope" the site will be following her career as it unfolds music wise now and into 2007!

    Saturday, July 01, 2006

    5 Disciplines applied!

    On Glen's site you will notice that each release is going to relate to the 5 disciplines.

    They are going to be applied to:

    Unplugged - The Release Cards - Any Technical Review - Commentary and topic on the new site.

    New Concept Launch for Glen's Site - 5 Disciplines!

    I am launching a new concept on Glen's site and it involves 5 disciplines. They are the 5 disciplines that are going to be the corner stone of the new site!

    The whole idea of the new disciplines is to focus on the key concepts of fitness instruction and education. Understanding the new disciplines and applying them are the corner stone of my ethos in the fitness industry and my own personal approach to fitness.

    Understanding the concepts and applying them is constant and ongoing. The concepts are my personal approach to fitness and have been there since I became a qualified Fitness Instructor and Gym Instructor.

    More to come…………

    Less is Best :) I think so!

    Who ever is choreographing Bodypump can you look at the way the notes were constructed in the 30's series of Bodypump and return to that format please.

    The current format everything is all over the place in the way it was in the 30's series was so easier to read and follow!

    I also found the format in the 20's series also alot easier to read less is truly the best :)


    Rant Over!

    Madonna has a new CD Single!

    Get together is her latest single out.

    We reviewed her CD-Album on Sunday, October 09, 2005. I had the review before the CD was actually released :) on the 14th November 2005. :)

    Madonna was track 3 on Bodypump 38 Don't Tell Me Madonna - Don't Cry For Me Argentina Madonna Bodypump 22 - Don’t Cry For Me Argentina Madonna Bodypump 49 an awesome track 3 as well.

    Madonna's Initial Entry into the Bodypump Journal!

    Her gear can be found on her website!

    Undercover Nelly Furtado!

    Awesome track wonders of that track would appear in any Les Mills International Class?

    I do really hope so :)

    Teaching Bodypump!

    If you happen teach a release and you learn the gear inside out and want to do an excellent job teaching the release.

    You learn the music;
    Practice Practice Practice the release;
    Make sure you know the counts and the whole choreography.

    Turn up and they are totally clueless to what is going on what to do and look at you throughout the whole entire class and shadow me.

    It happened today I went to someone's class and they followed me the whole class.

    Has this happened to anyone else out there, you go to another instructors class and they simply follow you?

    Interesting Bodypump 31!

    Today the song "Hit Me Baby One More Time" came on the radio the track was from Bodypump 31 which is a rather excellent Bodypump release IMO!.

    Well I said that track was in Bodypump 31 and the other person said yeah that right. They knew Bodypump 31 and the track and also the other tracks on that release.

    That release was around 1999. I have fond memories of that release that was 8 years ago. So what is strange about that, she knew the choreography and also the movements. She is a participant and that tells me one thing that the participant is

    "Smarter than the Average Bear" (Yogi Bear.)

    You may think that you can get away with not knowing the choreography and doing it wrong but the average participant knows more than us :)

    So next time you don't learn the gear they know you don't know.


    Coming up retrospective of Michael J McSweeney - Additional Functionality to the PopUpCards!

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